Terms & Conditions

When making a booking, you and all members of your party are entering into a binding contract and are bound by the following Terms and Conditions which are for the benefit of all visitors to Nant Mill to experience a SAFE, QUIET and ENJOYABLE stay:


Nant Mill is a QUIET very low key site suitable for the more discerning guest offering spacious pitches with limited capacity. We cater for individual bookings only of one couple or one small family seeking a PEACEFUL break. Max one family of 4 immediate family members per unit eg: 2 adults & 2 children (under 18yrs old). Groups (including groups of families), more than 2 adults or more than one couple together, family and friends together or meetings will not be accepted. The reason is simply due to the high noise levels generated by the volume of people together. Our aim is to keep the site quiet by limiting capacity and not over crowding. Please do not try to book individually as we do notice and if you do do book Individually and upon arrival meet up to form a larger group then all will be asked to leave without a refund.

The pitch offered is only for the declared number of persons / dog / car (no vans permitted) / unit size etc. If you arrive with more people, extra car, different size/length unit then we may not be able to accommodate you.
Specify if your caravan or motorhome is continental as this will effect your allocated pitch!
Please note; due to access restrictions we are not suitable for large Motorhomes who wish to drive in and out off the site once pitched.
Converted vans can only be accepted with windows on the rear side just like a campervan.
No generators of any kind may be used on site.

Advance reservation bookings (at least 1 day in advance) are accepted for a minimum of 2 nights stay and 3 nights during bank holiday weekends. The full advance payment is required. If you have to cancel there are no cash refunds and you will be liable for the balance owed. If you fail to arrive after confirming a booking you will be liable for the balance owed. No refunds for early departures.
We advise that you take out Holiday Insurance.

The earliest arrival time is 1pm and latest is 7pm (we cannot accept late arrivals).
Departure time is between 8am & 11am.

While every effort will be made to meet special requirements for a particular pitch no guarantee can be given.

In the interest of enjoyment for all our guests, we ask for no loud music, drunkenness or bad behaviour and noise must to be kept to a minimum between 10pm and 8am. Any person not observing the park rules or creating a nuisance will be evicted from the park without a refund

Dogs are limited on our site due to close proximity, hygiene, noise and safety reasons plus there is no separate dog exercise field. Therefore a maximum of one well-behaved non-dangerous dog during high / peak season and two small dogs during low season is welcome prior to pre-arrangement (Sorry but we do not accept Pit bull, Rottweiler, Mastiff, American Bull, Staffs or any dangerous breed or breed we feel unsuitable). No dog must not be left unattended at any time and must be kept under control on a short lead at all times whilst on site and exercised outside the park. In the interest of hygiene any accidental foul must be removed immediately. We reserve the right to ask to remove a dog that is causing a nuisance.

To avoid killing the grass we ask for breathable ground sheets to be used only please.

No large commercial vehicles, mini buses, converted buses, trucks or vans of any sort are allowed on site. Converted vans can only be accepted as a campervan with windows on the side.
No generators of any kind may be used on site.

Our site is for recreational purposes only and not for residential or business purposes. The maximum stay on site is for 21 nights for any one visit.

Electric hook-up points are 10-amp and low wattage camping appliances are to be used only. No electrical appliances are permitted in awnings especially electric heaters.

Awnings must be attached to the caravan or Motorhome not free standing!!
Extra large awnings, awning annex and or Windbreakers can only be erected if space available within your pitch boundary. Each pitch is spaced accordingly for fire safety and access. If your unit is imposing a risk to others then you will be asked to move. Each pitch caters for one car space only. We do not have a separate car park therefore there is very limited space for extra cars and we may not be able to accommodate during peak periods.

Ball games, kite flying, and bike riding etc must be played in the center of the designated play field only. Bikes must be ridden carefully and not to be ridden in the touring fields. Scooters, skateboards and roller blades are not permitted. Parents / Guardians are responsible for the safety and good behaviour of their children and must be supervised at all times on site.

Due to fire regulations, the lighting of open fires including fire pits, candles or Chinese Lanterns anywhere on the park is strictly prohibited.

Charcoal and gas Barbecues are permitted before dark as long as they are on a secure stand or raised off the grass. Disposable types are not permitted.

Day visitors are not accepted on site. Apologies but this is due to extra security measures and keeping numbers to a low level. We ask if you wish to meet up with family or friends to arrange to do this off site

The site gates are closed for cars between 10.45pm and 8am. There is only access to pedestrians between these times.

Nant Mill cannot accept responsibility for personal injury, loss, damage or accident to personal property. We recommend you take out appropriate insurance to cover yourself and others in your party and personal belongings

We reserve the right to cancel or terminate a booking where its guests had failed to disclose facts as required on the booking form, refuse anyone admission, or reject from the site at any time; any person(s) who we feel unsuitable to the touring park or anyone we consider to be under the influence of alcohol / drugs or causing a nuisance, disturbance, and/or breaching of site conditions without a refund.
If a situation arises and a refund is issued back on to a card then the present processing fee will apply.

Data Protection :- Any data collected during the course of this booking will be stored securely to assist us with your booking and will not be shared to any third party.

*The site main entrance is remaining locked except for pre-arranged new arrivals and departures. Once on site you will be required to drive in and out via the back entrance by opening and closing the gate which will be closely monitored. This gate will also be locked for cars from 10.45pm and 8am. This will be explained upon arrival. Therefore, please note that our site is not suitable for those with larger Motorhomes who wish to drive in and out throughout the day after being sited.
*Children must not use the facilities unaccompanied!

Please note: The Toilet Block Facilities will be closed between 1pm & 2pm and again at 7pm & 8pm
for deep cleaning.

Children must be supervised at all times and must play within eyesight away from other pitches or play in the provided recreation field or secure children's play area. No ball / frizbee games, kite flying or riding bikes /
scooters permitted within the Touring Fields only in the designated recreation field.

Unfortunately no day visitors are allowed to visit you on site due to extra security measures and keeping numbers to a low level. We ask if you wish to meet up with family or friends to arrange to do this off site.